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About us: Our Philosophy

Why Study Dance?
Many parents feel that the study of dance just teaches the child to move to music. There are, however, many additional qualities a dance student receives…

  • to develop physical coordination
  • to develop poise, grace, and concentration
  • to quicken the responses of the brain to body demands
  • to become aware of the body and the development thereof
  • to feel “free” in expression
  • to enjoy the fulfillment of a goal to learn
  • to discipline the body
  • to develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • to follow directions
  • to interact with others in the same age group
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About Mrs. Sonia & the Staff
The direction of the dance studio is over seen by Mrs. Sonia. She has studied dance since the age of three under the direction of Mrs. Gayle and completed her teacher training program. She has also studied dance through out her high school and collage careers. Mrs. Sonia was has danced with Foot Hold Dance Company and many other choreographers and dance programs.

Mrs. Sonia and her staff of instructors are all highly qualified. They began their own dance education at early ages and have been teaching for several years. All of the instructors on staff completed the Teacher Training Program with Mrs. Gayle before being accepted on staff. All of the teachers continue their study of dance and techniques at workshops around the country. This gives our staff the latest in dance the best techniques to teach to produce excellent dancers.


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