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All classes at Gayle’s Dance Studio …

  • offer a graded program for advancement.
  • are limited in size. Classes with six or less students are subject to cancellation with those students being placed into other available classes.
  • are organized according to age groups and abilities.
  • offer individual attention.
  • meet once a week.
  • begin in September, January, or June.
  • are based on a 32-week dance year (September-May) or an eight-week summer program.
  • are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to any child who wishes to learn to dance regardless of nationality, race, or religious beliefs.
  • Students can transfer into another class of the same level if the time first chosen becomes inconvenient.
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2017 Summer Classes

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Types of Classes & Fees

Our studio will offer new classes beginning June 13, 2017.

To view new classes and pricing, download (44KB pdf) the 2017 Summer Class Schedule.

Please note that…

  • Classes must consist of six students or the studio reserves the right to combine classes or eliminate the class.
  • Classes will fill on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • The studio offers a discount of $8.00 per 8-week term per child for more than one child from a family enrolled, $16 per 8-week term for the third child enrolled, etc.
  • Students must be 4-1/2 years old to register for the one-hour Combination Class.


  • are a combination of ballet and tumbling.
  • are 45 minutes in length and require ballet shoes.
  • are for 3- and 4-year olds.
  • Lesson fee: $100.00 for 8 weeks.


  • are a combination of ballet, tap and tumbling.
  • are one hour in length and require both ballet and tap shoes.
  • are for 5-year olds and older or for 4-year olds who have completed Preschool dance classes.
  • Lesson fee for 1-hour classes: $104.00 for 8 weeks.

Jazz Classes…are offered to to students who have completed three years of Combination Classes and are 8 years old by September 1.

  • Jazz classes are combined with Ballet and Tap.
  • Classes are one-and-one-quarter hours in length.
  • Lesson fee for 1-1/4 hour classes: $114.00 for 8 weeks.

Pointe Classes

  • are 45 minutes in length.
  • can be combined with a 45-minute class in Jazz and Tap.
  • are offered to students who are 9 years old by September 1.
  • students are not required to study all three forms.
  • are offered to students who have sufficient dance training and have the recommendation of their instructors.
  • Lesson fee for 1-1/2 hour classes: $120.00 for 8 weeks.

Discover Dance

  • is a combination of Jazz and Tap.
  • for students 10 years of old and older.
  • Lesson fee for 45-minute classes: $100.00 for 8 weeks; 1 hour classes: $104.00 for 8 weeks

Dress Code:

  • Students can purchase their dancewear from “The Little Dance Shoppe” located at the Studio. Dancewear can be fitted at the first lesson, but be aware that it is crowded and your child may not get into his or her class on time. For your convenience, the store will be open evenings Monday through Thursday, 6:00pm–8:30pm and Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm. We have great clearance prices on leotards and a limited supply of used tap shoes. Ballet shoes are in stock; however, tap shoes must be ordered. The cost of High Heel Tap Shoes has increased to $48.50.

Registrations will only be accepted through the second week of classes for the Fall Session.

Fee Information


  • will be paid for lessons not taken in an 8-week term provided the studio has been notified that the child is no longer attending classes.

Method of Payment

Payments for registration fees, lessons, and merchandise can be made in the following ways:

  • Cash
  • Check or Money Order
  • Visa or Mastercard
  • ATM/Debit Card

Late Fee:

  • A late payment fee of $20 will be applied to any account for lessons not paid the first week.

Returned Check Fee:

  • Checks that are returned due to insufficient funds or closed accounts are subject to a $25 service charge.

Overdue Accounts:

  • After 90 days, overdue accounts will be placed with a collection agency for payment. There will be a $25 service charge added to the account.


  • Accounts must be paid in full according to the policies stated or the studio has the option to deny participation in dance classes and/or the annual recital.

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